Vision & Approach

The use of surface water by the power sector and other abstractive industries, and its associated ecological effects on the aquatic environment are subject to EIA, specific EU/national legislation and long-term regulatory review. With growing concerns over surface water quality and ecological impacts, objective evaluation and insights concerning the actual availability of surface water for industrial purposes are key to be able to make effective improvements.

Pecten Aquatic is dedicated to:

  • Safeguarding the aquatic environment from industrial impacts
  • Assisting large-scale surface water users both in their mitigation of environmental impacts on daily operations and in complying with permit requirements
  • Assisting legislative/permitting authorities by providing objective insights for framing effective and realistic regulatory requirements

Pecten Aquatic delivers:

  • Sound science-based consultancy to its clients
  • Assistance in complying with stringent permit conditions, where practicable going beyond simple compliance to achieve the least possible impact on the aquatic environment while maintaining a safe, reliable and commercially robust operation
  • Translation of ecological aspects and regulatory requirements into the design of cooling water intakes and outfalls
  • Objective evaluation and explanation of the ecological and operational problems associated with the use of surface water for cooling and energy production
  • Objective evaluation of site specific operational requirements and the best means of identifying technical and operational measures